Rise Up

Rise Up

rise upAnybody ready to rise up and take charge of their body, health and life may have great resolve initially, but may not know the path to follow. That’s where UA can help. We provide guidance based on your level of fitness, special needs and goals. Before we create any program for a member of our community, we assess their overall fitness in all areas, balance, strength, endurance and flexibility. We identify weaker muscle group, too. We consider any special needs, such as physical limitations that might require an adjustment to form or exercise and the member’s ultimate goals. Only then do we create an individualized program.

When you’re ready to rise up, nutrition plays an important role.

No fitness program would be complete without a complete nutrition program. You need not only adequate nutrition to build muscles, but also the appropriate caloric intake. If you have too many calories, you’ll gain weight or won’t lose it, with too few calories, you’ll put your body into starvation mode, slowing your metabolism and making it hard to lose weight. Everyone has different needs, different preferences and different ways they process some foods. We consider all aspects to help you rise up.

Your mindset plays a huge role when you choose to rise up.

I can almost guarantee that everyone that wants to take charge of their life, particularly their body, has great resolve in the beginning. However, it doesn’t take long before that resolve wains and disappears if there’s no help in the area of motivation. We provide that motivation to help keep you on the track of real change. Our supportive community of like-minded individuals also help you stay on track. Staying motivated is the key to a successful lifestyle change and staying fit for the rest of your life.

Tracking and recovery time are important aspects.

In order to get anywhere, you need a road map and signs along the way to let you know you’re headed in the right direction. We track your progress to help identify trouble spots, detours that are needed and identify the progress made. Tracking is an aid to know when you’ve made progress and when to increase the difficulty of the workout. You’ll always have concrete feedback when your progress is tracked.

You don’t need to struggle on your own when you’re ready to rise up and take charge. We have the knowledge and programs that work.

Sharing your determination and workout time with a like-minded community will help deepen the resolve.

You’ll see results faster with our help and results are a huge motivation.

After just a short time, you’ll notice the difference in your energy level, strength and endurance.

Formula For Success

Formula For Success

formula for successWhen we work with you, we create a formula for success that starts with your level of fitness, special needs and goals. Not everyone has the same goal. Some people want to shed pounds and build muscle tissue. Others want to gain weight and build muscle. Some want bulky muscles, while others want sinewy strength. Some people have special needs, such as knee or back problems that require modification of an exercise. Finally, everyone has a different level of fitness. We’d never expect a person who led a sedentary lifestyle and just started exercising to have the same program as a seasoned athlete.

Some things are part of each fitness program.

Warming up and cooling down are important no matter what the level of fitness. Including all types of fitness workouts, strength, flexibility, endurance and balance, are also important. Ensuring all muscle groups are worked is another constant and part of the formula. However, the actual exercise, number of reps, weight used and intensity will vary based on each participant’s program. When you watch group workouts, it’s easy to see the difference. Each person has his or her own program.

The formula for success includes healthy eating.

You have to consider nutritional needs. Again, there are some basics. Junk food, gobs of preprocessed food and sugary snacks don’t have a place in a healthy diet. Ensuring all the nutrients are included and there are adequate calories, but not so many that you gain weight. At that point, food intolerance, preferences and needs take precedent based on each individual. There’s no one size fits all type of diet, just a few important elements that are the framework. After that, we fill it in with foods and meal plans specifically for you.

Motivation is important for success.

Our coaches hold you accountable. Accountability is an important motivating factor. Not only are you accountable for your inability to follow through with regular exercise or dietary requirements, you also get credit for your successes. The community is another important source of motivation by helping each other and providing encouraging words.

The formula for success does not include juice bars or tanning beds. That’s not part of the program.

A program for success includes coaches that take special interest in your needs and show you the proper form for each exercise, then watch to ensure you understand.

We find that success occurs when clients are monitored regularly. As their level of fitness improves, we adjust the workout to reflect that improvement.

Caring about the client and their progress is at the root of a successful program. We work hard to insure you are successful.

Be Like-Minded

Be Like-Minded

like mindedWhen you want to accomplish anything, find a group of like-minded people to help you achieve your goal or inspire you to greater heights. That’s one reason working out with a group that’s sincere in their efforts to get the most out of their exercise plan can be beneficial. People who want to achieve the most are normally those that share with others and accept the help and support of others graciously. That’s one reason UA is so popular.

Personal trainers are an important source of motivation, but not the only source.

Have you ever felt the electricity in the air when people are all working toward the same goal? That’s what happens at UA. Our trainers really care, but so does the rest of our fitness community at UA. They help drive one another toward greatness, challenging each other to do even more and supporting their colleagues when the road is tough. You’ll feel welcome here and love how much help like-minded people can be.

People in our community tend to hold you accountable.

That’s not mean of them. Quite the contrary. Everyone needs to be held accountable, even trainers. While part of the motivation of using a trainer is that you have someone holding you accountable for showing up and putting forth all your effort, imagine how potent it is when a whole community of people do. You won’t coast through workouts because you’ll be busted immediately and as for missing sessions…it just won’t happen without someone noticing.

It’s really more fun with a group.

Achieving a goal is more fun to share when everyone knows how hard it is to do. Sure, you can go home and share your victory with a significant other, spouse or family member, but most of the time, they just don’t “get it.” They don’t understand the significance or how hard it was to achieve a new milestone in your workout program. Our community at UA does.

You’ll get the personal attention of private sessions at the price of a group workout. It makes it a bargain. You don’t have to be on a budget to truly appreciate getting more for your workout dollar. You’re never just another number here.

While everyone in the group is at different levels of fitness. Each is working at maximum potential, so they have empathy for all other participants. It’s about achieving your own goals, not beating someone else.

Our fitness program works quickly, so you’ll spend less time at the gym. Most of our clients are busy people, so the conversations they share are about getting fit, eating healthy and better ways to do both.

Our like-minded community does more than just support one another in the gym. They share the nutritional tips that work for them and may work for you.

How Accountable Are You To Your Nutrition

How Accountable Are You To Your Nutrition

be accountableYour nutrition plays just as much of a role in your overall fitness as your workout does. While eating doesn’t directly build muscles, you need the right foods to provide the building blocks for those muscles and your overall good health. There have been numerous studies showing the benefit of certain foods for good health and to help reduce the potential for specific diseases and conditions. If you’re spending hours at the gym and stopping at the bakery for donuts afterward, you’re negating many of the benefits you’ve gained. What you eat is important.

Everyone is different.

For the longest time, people pushed a high dairy diet for growing children. I had one client that was older and told about being sick every day. The doctor thought it might be an ulcer, which was treated with a high cream and dairy diet. After losing most of his weight, weighing in at less than 70 lbs for his 5’6″ (he was still in 6th grade), the doctor read of new concept, lactose intolerance. The problem was solved, but not after years of suffering. The moral of this story is that, not every food is good for every person. It also proves that we’re constantly learning about nutrition and the body. Our trainers not only adjust the nutritional advice to any special needs, but also to your preferences, to insure you’ll stick with the plan.

Like Santa, we know when you’ve been cheating.

When you cheat, it shows and there’s no denying it. Your workout is less than stellar and if you’re trying to lose weight, it slows down the process. Our nutritional plans are designed to help you reach your goal, while fortifying you with extra energy and the nutrients necessary to build muscle tissue. Monitoring your progress nutritionally is an important part of the overall plan.

The more active you are, the more you need help with your nutritional program.

If you’re a couch potato, your needs are far different from an active person or an athlete. Athletes or active people need more protein each day than someone whose biggest task is lifting the remote. Our couches help you adjust your diet to include all the additional needs a tough workout requires. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll love this new way of eating that doesn’ leave you hungry, but can help take off pounds if that’s what you need.

We make it easy for you to stay on track. Our coaches create sample food plans to make it even easier to follow.

If you need extra motivation to change your eating habits and stick to the nutritional plan, you’ll get it. We hold you accountable.

Our nutritional plans never leave you hungry. They help stabilize your blood sugar, while also regulating cholesterol and blood pressure.

You’ll be amazed at how the combination of a healthy eating plan and regular exercise will change your life and energy levels. It only takes a short time before you notice how much more you can do without getting tired.



We know you’re busy and occasionally you need to get in, get out, and get on with your day. For those days we’ve packed the most bang for your buck exercises into a heart pounding experience. Working out with a group is an easy and proven way to keep yourself committed to fitness by being a part of a community. We use MyZone heart rate technology to make sure you’re staying in the zone and making the most out of your time. You’ll get a mix of cardio, body weight, trx, and kettlebell exercises put together strategically for one purpose. no time!



Semi-Private Training is available in blocks of two, three, or four times per week on a month-to-month, contract-free basis. Each person completes their individual program within a small group, under the guidance of our certified personal trainer. The group starts by warming up together. After joint mobility and a dynamic warm-up, the group breaks up to do customized strength training. The strength training portion of the program can look very different from one member to the next depending on the goal. In the last ten minutes of the session, the group goes through a high intensity “finisher”.



With workouts designed specifically for you from our committed coaches, you will never feel lost in the gym ever again. But we want to go further. We want you to never be lost in the kitchen either! We provide meal plans that cater to your specific needs, and your coach will hold you accountable in addition to keeping you motivated. A full experience with your coach ensures you get expert guidance for both your fitness and nutrition needs. We recognize that every client is unique so we take your target workout areas and needs into account when designing your meal plans. Rise Up with us and to become a more fit, healthy person.