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It’s fun.

It’s cool.

It’s social.

It’s like going to a club minus the drama, the hangovers, or the bad decisions.

The problem…

You’re tracking your body fat and the percentage is going up (or you’re not tracking your body fat and you don’t even realize it’s going up)

So what gives?

All those early mornings, the bed head, people’s gawd awful morning breath…

Has it all been for nothing? A waste of your precious time and money?

Yep and Nope.

The good news is it’s doing something, just not the something you wanted it to be doing…

Group fitness by definition is any workout where there’s a group of people all doing the same workout, usually planned by someone who’s way too happy to be up at 5am, had one too many pumps in her espresso, and thought it was wear half a shirt to work day…

I know what you’re thinking…

And I’m not here to bash group fitness, I’m not. We have group classes at Underground Athlete, Team Training, HIIT, and a boot camp style class that people love. I do them. You should do them, but know what they’re good for and what they’re not…

*Important distinction*

Weight Loss vs Fat Loss

You’ve seen your friends, co-workers, and acquaintances lose weight in their group fitness classes.


Just because they lost weight doesn’t mean they lost body fat. Chances are they’ve gone down in weight but up in body fat%

They look smaller, but the same. Skinny fat…

What happened?

Let’s take a 42 year old woman. 180lbs and 30% body fat. That’s 54lbs of fat she’s carrying around

She does her spinning and mixes in some circuits with a trx and colored dumbbells for “strength work”

After 6 weeks she’s lost 20lbs.


Not so fast…

12lbs came from water, 4lbs muscle, and 4lbs of fat

Now she’s 160lbs with 50lbs of fat

She’s smaller. She fits in her “skinny” clothes. Her friends are starting to poke her belly and say things like“where’d you go?” and “get this girl a sandwich.”

The problem: She’s now 31.5% body fat.

This happens All. The. Time

Wanna make it worse? Do group fitness or running, biking, elliptical (choose your cardio method) and throw in a calorie restricted diet and/or poor sleep habits.

Wanna make it even worse? Who wouldn’t?

Throw in a very low calorie, low fat, low protein diet. Yes it’s a thing. We’ve had several women come in after following this program – hair literally falling out of their head.

Like Bill Engvall said “here’s your sign.”

Wanna turn this ship around?

Good. Let’s skip the pitty party, bypass the guilt, and abstain from the Netflix binge that comes with a side of pinot, kettle chips, and onion dip…

It’s time to do work. The RIGHT kinda work.

First I want to make some assumptions:

  • You don’t have any metabolic disorders
  • You have no major illnesses
  • You’re not taking any medications that could complicate the goal
  • You actually do want to lose fat

If all those things are true…

…here’s how you lose FAT

Follow our fat loss pyramid – foundations of fat loss – hierarchy of fat loss…

Call it what you will. Just follow it…

1) Met Flex Lifestyle

Your activities of daily living need to aid metabolic flexibility.

Metabolic flexibility simply means your body has the ability to switch fuel sources depending on the activity you’re engaged in. Due to poor nutrition, sub par daily habits, and a bit of genetics some people are using sugar for up to 95% of their energy at rest.

That’s a bad thing.

You want to be torching fat at rest.

And you can. By changing certain lifestyle habits mainly:

  • Sleep
  • Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT)
  • Exercise

2) Met Flex Nutrition

Your nutrition will play a huge role in determining if you’re losing weight or losing fat

To use nutrition to improve your metabolic flexibility with you’ll need to focus on these key areas

  • Protein
  • Fasting
  • Micronutrients (mushrooms are uuuuuge)
  • Fat
  • Carbs

I realize that’s a pretty vague bullet list but covering all the details here is beyond the scope of this post.


Just know, most importantly, you need to get enough protein 0.7 x BW. The next thing to focus on…

Fasting. Intermittent (16:8) and/or a 24 hour fast once a week will do. The other stuff we cover in much greater detail in our Breakthrough Fat Loss course – if interested.

3) Resistance Training

Not just any resistance training. You’ll need to include 2 specific types

  • Metabolic Resistance Training
  • Non-traditional Anaerobic Interval Training

Again, too much to dissect here but you can learn more in our Breakthrough Fat Loss course or BONUS – below I added a place where you can opt-in for a sample training program that includes both methods. If you don’t want to grab that here’s what you need to include…

Heavy, multi joint, multi planar exercises. Total body training sessions with 8-12 reps per exercise done as bi-sets or tri-sets with limited rest periods. Train for power ie do some things FAST. Do some exercises HEAVY with limited rest periods REST-PAUSE with a twist works great.

For the non-traditional anaerobic interval training try to use self limiting exercises. Use tools like med balls, ropes, sandbags, kettlebells etc.

Hard work + Short rest intervals = Dat Fire.

Do them in a circuit 5 exercises 10-15 reps or for time 20-40 seconds. Do 3-5 rounds and you’ll be smoked!

But you won’t be sacrificing muscle to lose fat.

4) HiiT

For pretty much every thing High Intensity Interval Training trumps steady state cardio. No question for fat loss…

Unfortunately most people do it wrong.

But not you. Not anymore.

Choose something that doesn’t require much thinking, something cyclical in nature ie running, biking, rowing, a Versaclimber (all great options) and then…

Go. All. The F’ Out

20w:10r x 6-10

30w:30r x 5-7

60w:60r x 3-5

You don’t need an hour of this stuff. If you can do an hour, you’re doing it wrong

Get in. Warm-up. Get after it. Cool down.

All you’ll need! Pinky swear.

Done right you’ll be a cursing puddle on the floor when the smoke clears.

5) Zone 2 Steady State

aka Cardiac Output

This is the very tip of the fat loss iceberg. It should make up 0-10% of your overall fat loss training strategy. Stay in the 120-140bpm range and you’ll be good to go. 40-60 minutes is all you need.


Think about the last group fitness class you did. 3-5 days a week? 1 hour long? Your heart rate was pegged at 150+ the whole time wasn’t it?

Great for losing weight via water, muscle, and vomit…

…but not for building muscle and losing body fat

aka toning.

aka leaning out.

aka looking fit and fabulous.

Anyway, I hope this helped…

If you want a sample training plan delivered to your inbox, put in your info below and we’ll send it over quick fast and in a hurry.

If you’re interested in our Breakthrough Fat Loss course shoot me a message by clicking “contact” above

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Until next time…

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