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Exercise Helps Your Sex Drive

By February 7, 2019May 14th, 2019No Comments

You should already know about the health benefits of working out and how it helps you look your best, but did you know that exercise helps your sex drive? It’s easy to understand, since it makes you healthier and being sick, tired or too weak to participate definitely isn’t an aphrodisiac, quite the opposite. It’s also one reason I suggest couples start a healthy living program together. Of course, sharing the common bond of working out and focusing on healthy eating together also makes their potential to achieve success greater than if one started it without his or her partner.

A lot of sex takes place in the mind.

Working out can give you a good body, but it also affects the mind. It boosts the hormones that make you feel great and at ease, such as endorphins. Those endorphins exercise release stimulate the production of sex hormones. Exercise also burns off the hormones created by stress, which is a big boost for anyone in the bedroom. Exercise clears your mind and gives you more focus, which is important for sex. You’ll be more responsive when you workout regularly and especially the evening after working out.

You’ll have a more powerful libido when you workout.

Exercise that builds muscle tissue stimulates the body to create human growth hormone—HGH. That hormone is responsible for creating testosterone in men. The boost in testosterone increases sexual desire and gives men quite a boost in their libido. For women, it makes their body more sensitive to touch and receptive. When both partners workout, it can make sex an amazing experience that’s satisfying for both people.

You’ll be in shape for a better performance in the bedroom.

Building your endurance, strength and flexibility can be a plus in the bedroom. Whether it’s having the energy to hold an awkward position for a while, the endurance to continue or the flexibility to maneuver into positions easily, exercise helps. You’ll enjoy it more without getting tired and be able to add variety with the improved flexibility.

  • Exercise boosts circulation. That can help prevent serious conditions that affect your sex life by causing erectile dysfunction like diabetes and vascular disease. Cardio also boost circulation to help prevent erectile dysfunction.
  • Not only does regular exercise help your sex life, your sex life can provide exercise. Sex is a healthy way to build endurance, strength and flexibility and it is far more enjoyable than riding a stationary bike.
  • You’ll feel sexier when you workout and get fit and your partner will notice that. How you feel about yourself is subtly picked up by other people without them realizing it.
  • When you eat healthier and workout with your spouse, you’re creating a bond that will help you live longer and healthier together.

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