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Formula For Success

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formula for successWhen we work with you, we create a formula for success that starts with your level of fitness, special needs and goals. Not everyone has the same goal. Some people want to shed pounds and build muscle tissue. Others want to gain weight and build muscle. Some want bulky muscles, while others want sinewy strength. Some people have special needs, such as knee or back problems that require modification of an exercise. Finally, everyone has a different level of fitness. We’d never expect a person who led a sedentary lifestyle and just started exercising to have the same program as a seasoned athlete.

Some things are part of each fitness program.

Warming up and cooling down are important no matter what the level of fitness. Including all types of fitness workouts, strength, flexibility, endurance and balance, are also important. Ensuring all muscle groups are worked is another constant and part of the formula. However, the actual exercise, number of reps, weight used and intensity will vary based on each participant’s program. When you watch group workouts, it’s easy to see the difference. Each person has his or her own program.

The formula for success includes healthy eating.

You have to consider nutritional needs. Again, there are some basics. Junk food, gobs of preprocessed food and sugary snacks don’t have a place in a healthy diet. Ensuring all the nutrients are included and there are adequate calories, but not so many that you gain weight. At that point, food intolerance, preferences and needs take precedent based on each individual. There’s no one size fits all type of diet, just a few important elements that are the framework. After that, we fill it in with foods and meal plans specifically for you.

Motivation is important for success.

Our coaches hold you accountable. Accountability is an important motivating factor. Not only are you accountable for your inability to follow through with regular exercise or dietary requirements, you also get credit for your successes. The community is another important source of motivation by helping each other and providing encouraging words.

The formula for success does not include juice bars or tanning beds. That’s not part of the program.

A program for success includes coaches that take special interest in your needs and show you the proper form for each exercise, then watch to ensure you understand.

We find that success occurs when clients are monitored regularly. As their level of fitness improves, we adjust the workout to reflect that improvement.

Caring about the client and their progress is at the root of a successful program. We work hard to insure you are successful.

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