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Jump Rope – A Full Body Workout

By May 8, 2019May 14th, 2019No Comments

I love seeing people get fit. That’s why I started my programs in Sterling, VA and Fairfax. However, I also know that for various reasons, not everyone can join. That doesn’t mean you can’t workout. There are a number of workouts that don’t require expensive equipment and some may use inexpensive equipment like a jump rope for a full body workout. There’s a reason you see boxers in movies and real life jumping rope. It’s super healthy and can get you in shape fast.

You’ll get a cardio workout every session and quicker than running.

Jumping rope is no walk in the park, neither is it a jog in the park! In fact, one study showed that working out jumping rope for ten minutes every day for six weeks provided the same effects as a 30-minute jog every day. It’s the up and down jumping that makes it more effective and able to get the same results in a third of the time. In one minute, you’ll burn more calories and trigger more muscle moves than you get in rowing or swimming, yet it’s low impact.

Think about the actual movements in jumping rope.

You move your upper body, lower body and boost your cardiovascular system when you jump rope. Not only that, you can switch the way you jump rope and target certain body areas. If you never jumped rope as a kid or were horrible at it, start simply. If it’s easiest for you to jump with your feet together, do it that way. If jumping one foot and then alternating to another, like you’re walking do it. Sometimes you’ll mess up and get out of rhythm. Don’t let that stop you. Keep up the bounce on your toes and the rope in your hands, when you’re ready, bring the rope forward and start jumping again.

Jump rope like boxers do.

Boxers use the rounds to set the pace for the number of minutes they jump rope. Each round is three minutes with a one minute break. Most people start with just three rounds and work toward eliminating the break and jumping through it. Once you’ve mastered the traditional jump, go for a jump where you lift your knees high, alternating your legs as you jump. Try skipping as you jump rope or criss-cross the rope. There’s a number of moves you can do with a jump rope. I find jumping with both feet at once seems to be the hardest for most people. The beginning session should only take about twelve minutes, including breaks.

  • Jumping rope provides benefits for muscle tone, flexibility, rhythm and cardio. It works shoulders, arms and legs.
  • A jump rope workout can be turned into a HIIT workout. Jump at top speed for a minute and do a couple of minutes of recuperation, then back to top speed.
  • If you want to include strength training a bit in your jump rope session, there are specialty heavier ropes that add building muscle and burning more fat to the equation.
  • Double bouncing, side-to-side jump and a single leg jump are more advanced, giving most people something to challenge them as they improve and building different muscle groups. You can also incorporate jump rope sessions with bodyweight exercises.

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