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Reach Any Fitness Goal By NOT Focusing On It

By April 10, 2017May 14th, 2019No Comments

Have you heard?

There’s a new car coming out that claims to have headlights so powerful that they can light the path all the way to your final destination! Doesn’t matter if you’re going 5 miles or 500..

This car will light up every bump, every pothole, and every roadblock so you can always be prepared.

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Unfortunately this isn’t the newest Lexus. It’s my latest invention and I think it’s safe to say it will NEVER happen.

But do you really need all that?! You do just fine with your normal car and  normal headlights. You know, the ones that shine just 20-30 yards in front of you..

How is that possible?

You’ve learned through years of driving that if you just stay focused on what’s in front of you, what you can see, you’ll eventually reach your destination.. You’ve also learned that you’ll probably make some wrong turns and when you do it’s OK you’ll still get there…

See where this is going??

Driving at night is life, it’s business, and it’s fitness…..You need to have a destination but if that’s what you stay focused on, you’re in trouble!

Set it and Forget it

Once you can visualize the destination you’ll want break down the trip into smaller chunks. You don’t know exactly how many of those 20-30yard chunks it will take to reach your goal, but you do know that if you just keep at it you’ll get there. You also know that if you speed you could get there faster, but it’s a lot riskier.

When I drive back to New York sometimes I’m driving North, sometimes east, sometimes west. Why? Because I asked someone who’s done the drive and they told me it’s the best route..

Best route could mean fastest, safest, best view etc

To be able to recommend the best route for someone you have to know what that person values.

For some people it’s variety..

For others it’s speed.

And some people don’t even care how long it takes as long as there’s no risk..

This is what coaches / trainers are for..

In our gym we want to get to know you so we can help you figure out where you want to go (goal). A lot of people come to us with no destination in mind. They really don’t know what’s “realistic.” So we take you through an assessment “inspect your car” and make sure it’s going to be a safe trip. If you need a tuneup before getting started then that’s what we’ll do…From there we break down the voyage (macrocycle) into small 3-6 week blocks we call programs (mesocycles) which are made up of individual workouts (microcycles)..

After each program we do a check in to make sure we’re still on the right road, but lately I’ve noticed some people getting passed the first 20-30 yard stretch and getting frustrated that they haven’t reached the destination yet…

Great coaches don’t have secret methods. Great coaches know how to map out the best course for each client. They know when to push the gas, when to pump the breaks, and how to keep you on course..


You’re bound to have some flat tires on the way, but if you’ve got a great coach in your corner, if you can stay focused on what you CAN see instead of what you CAN’T see, I guarantee you’ll reach your goal..

And then??

Then you’ll realize what your coach knew the whole time… you were thinking too small.

Now let’s sit down and do it all over again..

But this time think bigger!

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