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The Benefits Of Jumping Rope

By November 22, 2018May 14th, 2019No Comments

If you’ve ever been in one of our classes in Fairfax and Sterling, VA, you know that many different types of equipment can help you get into shape. In fact, something as simple as a child’s jump rope can boost your overall fitness. There are a great many benefits of jumping rope, so adding it to your workout program can be a big benefit. Best of all, if you have children, you can do this exercise with them to get them more involved with fitness. Just like hula hoops, shooting hoops and playing tag can provide a workout, jumping rope does too.

Want to shed those extra pounds?

If you’ve ever jumped rope for a few minutes and aren’t in shape, you know what a workout it can be. Even for fit people, jumping rope is tough, which is one reason boxers use it in their training. It’s a big calorie burner, even if you’re not going at top speed. Even a relatively moderate rate will have you burning up to 16 calories every minute. If you’re having trouble fitting a workout into your schedule, carry a jump rope with you and do three ten minute sessions for a total calorie burn of up to 480 calories.

It boosts your health and your brain power.

When you exercise, both your body and your mind benefit from it. However, things, like jumping rope or dancing give the two a bigger boost. It demands both be at peak performance to do the task right. Anything that involves rhythm, strategy or coordination affect your thinking power more than just plain exercise does. It’s also a great way to clear the mind, since you’ll focusing more on jumping rope than the problems of the day.

Back to that rope jumping boxer again, this time because of the agility rope jumping offers.

Boxers not only have to have good cardio, they need to be quick and maneuverable. Muhammad Ali was known for his great agility in the ring and one of the reasons his face was so “pretty.” It trains both your body and your mind when you’re jumping on the balls of your feet and helps the brain make adjustments to keep you from falling. It makes you quicker, more coordinated and improves your balance.

  • Jump ropes are relatively inexpensive and don’t take up much space to store. They’re the perfect addition to an at home gym or the start of one.
  • You’ll never get bored with jumping rope if you do it with a twist. Try learning tricks and adding them to your jump rope workouts.
  • If you want to maintain or even build bone density, consider jumping rope. Since both feet land when you’re in downward position, it has less impact on each foot, making it easier on the joints than running.
  • If you travel, you can take your gym with you. A jump rope, resistance bands and a plan may be all you need for a full workout.

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