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At Underground Athlete, we get behind you 100%. We will educate, guide, push, and motivate you to become the best you there’s ever been. If you are looking for a gym near you that offers personal training at a group training price, Underground Athlete has what you want.


We Guide You Every Step Of The Way…

Maybe you’ve been getting a cookie cutter program from an app, a magazine, or some 18 year old’s youtube channel, or do you go to the gym and decide to just “wing it?” Maybe you’re not doing anything at all, and that’s ok! With all the confusing and contradictory information out there it’s easy to get paralysis by analysis. But those days are about to be over…

Your time is too important to waste on ineffective workouts. You deserve to see progress for your effort. We’ll create your personal fitness programs to make sure every rep brings you closer to your goal. With over 27,500 personalized programs written, we know what works and what doesn’t. 2- 3 total body training sessions a week is all it will take.

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You did the hard part. You made the decision to make a change. Now let us work our magic and guide you the rest of the way…

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When You’re At Underground Athlete, You’re Family

One of the most common questions we get asked by new member is “how long have you guys been here?” They’re always shocked to hear 10+ years… Our success isn’t measured by years in business, it’s your goals reached; it’s your confidence in your own skin; it’s being taken off blood pressure medication; it’s extra memories you get to make with your family.

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