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Founder / Owner

Justin founded Underground Athlete in 2008 with a desire to create something different. Drawing from his experience in the military (USMC), college (SUNY Brockport - Exercise Phys.), and his experience working with both athletes and general population clients, Justin set out to create a place where virtually anyone could receive expert coaching to look, feel, and move like an athlete.

Andrew Matkins

Sports Performance Coach


George Pierson

Sports Performance Coach


Clay Hinson

Sports Performance Coach

Our mission is to provide individuals with customized training, education, and a sense of community that supports them in achieving their fitness goals.

We provide dedicated space, comprehensive guidance and hire knowledgeable personal trainers in fairfax to inspire, uplift, and enlighten our clients, no matter where they are located. We have locations in Sterling and Fairfax and both locations have schedules that accommodate your work schedule.  We are confident that our level of service and the value that we provide to all who train with us can’t be matched.

Underground Athlete Defined

Our Vision

We believe that everyone has an inner athlete, and that’s what we will help you train. We will lead you through athletic training to a new you. The new you will be strong, agile, coordinated, focused, powerful, conditioned, flexible, and, most importantly, injury free. Train like your future depends on it because it does. A strong foundation is integral to leading a healthy and productive life.

The training at the Underground Athlete gym in Sterling or Fairfax is directed. Members work with college educated and certified personal trainers as well as strength and conditioning coaches at all times. Every member goes through our assessment process in order for our personal trainer fairfax va to designed programs to suit individual needs and accelerate progress.


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