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It’s not the push-ups or the tough cardio that’s the biggest problem getting fit, it’s staying motivated that really ends most people’s fitness plans. No matter how avidly you searched the internet for the best fitness plan, if you don’t stick with it, it will do no good. In fact, someone that simply walks for a half hour a day will actually do better than someone that has a surefire workout but only continues for a week. If people would see a difference in their energy level and body within a day, everyone would look great. Personal trainers fairfax specialize in helping people stay motivated, which is one reason they often get the best results.


Everyone has a different motivating reason that made them start a workout program in the first place. It might be an upcoming class reunion or something more severe like a health issue. That reason for starting should be motivating. It should have meaning to you. If it’s to improve health, find a way to remind yourself. Create a poster and record your progress toward reaching your ultimate goal. Whether it’s a specific weight, endurance goal or even blood pressure goal, make it something that is important to you. Keeping your goal in front of you is important.


Sometimes, the scales lie to you. That’s right! Your weight will fluctuate for a number of reasons, which include temporary water weight changes. Over the long haul, you’ll see exactly how well you’re doing, but weighing too frequently can give a false picture of your weight. If you’re working out and building muscle, but don’t show a weight loss, it could be that you have far more muscle tissue, which weighs more per cubic inch than fat tissue does. You’ll find that taking measurements will help you in that case. You’ll be thinner and your measurements will be smaller, even though your weight didn’t change. Seeing success is super motivating, so find ways to make sure you see the whole picture.


You don’t have to all have the same goal of getting fit or losing weight. One person may want to run a marathon, another may want to quit smoking and you may want to lose weight. Sharing your goals with the group and keeping them posted with updates on how you’re doing helps keep you accountable. Make the group small enough to keep it personal.

  • Having a workout buddy is another way to keep you motivated and hold you accountable. If you’re meeting them at the gym for workouts, they know whether you show and just how hard you’re working.
  • Don’t quit if you mess up one day. Get right back to your goal the next day. Maybe you skipped a workout or ate a whole cake. It’s just one transgression and doesn’t define whether you failed or succeeded. Get back on track and never give up.
  • Make your workout as important as any other appointment. Put it in your planner and assign it an appointment time.
  • Do what you can to make it easier. If you plan ahead, it helps. Plan meals for a week and even have them partially prepared and ready to pop in the oven over the weekend. Find ways to increase the amount of exercise you do. Even little things count when you’re working toward a goal, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

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