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How To Stay Healthy On Vacation

By June 8, 2017May 14th, 2019No Comments

healthy on vacationIt’s that time of year when people start taking vacations. Some travel by car, while others hop on a plane to get to their destination. I can’t tell you how many times clients come back with extra pounds or a set back in their fitness program. You can stay healthy on vacation if you plan for it. Just making a few adjustments for time and dietary concerns can help you stay fit and even enjoy your vacation more.

Traveling long distances by car or in a plane can take its toll.

If you’re flying, eat before you go to the airport or take a healthy snack or meal along to eat while you wait for your plane. Not only does airport food tend to be highly processed and higher in calories but lower in nutrition at the food courts, it’s also quite pricey. You’ll save calories and money. Be prepared for your food to go through the security checkpoint by having it in a container if it’s homemade or tucked in your carry on if it has its own wrapper. For those driving, a small cooler of healthy snacks or small meals in a cooler are far better than stopping at an unknown or fast food restaurant along the way. It’s best not to eat in the car, but make a stop at a rest station where you can enjoy your meal. Eat smaller more frequent meals on the road.

Whether you’re flying or driving, get exercise with other forms of transportation.

While you might have to rent a car if you’re flying, that doesn’t mean you have to use it all the time. Walking or renting a bike is an excellent option. Many places rent bikes for people who want to see the sites and enjoy the surrounding atmosphere. In Chicago, for instance, there are several bike rentals, which also include skate rentals and quadcycles, one of which is at Navy Pier. It’s the perfect way to cover a lot of territory, yet get an up close and personal view of the city, while staying fit. You’ll find bike rentals in many larger cities.

Prepare in advance by checking out the facilities or having a workout you can do anywhere.

Many hotels have workout facilities, so when you’re planning, consider that before making reservations. If you’re staying with family or friends or don’t have an available gym, plan your workout ahead. If you’re doing strength training, resistance bands take very little space and can help you get a great workout. Body weight exercises don’t require any equipment, so it’s another practical option. A trainer can help design a plan that you can use when you’re on the go.

Schedule your workout into your plans to insure you do it. You can use sightseeing and hiking for cardio workouts.

Stick with your dietary plan as close as you can, but allow yourself the luxury of splurging at a few meals. Sure, splurging will set you back a little, but if you’re in a town with a restaurant you’ve been dying to try, it’s worth the one-time splurge. You can still look for healthy foods on the menu.

Relax and enjoy. This is a vacation, remember? Take time to soak in everything, but don’t stress yourself out to do it. It’s time to renew yourself.

Visit the local farmer’s markets. You can often pick up a low cost lunch that comes right out of the garden.

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