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We know each individual and their personal situation. We carefully design workout programs for each individual, no matter your current fitness level.


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What you eat is a huge part of getting in shape. We will work with you to find the best meal plans for you and help hold you accountable for your nutrition.

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Why do you want to Rise Up? This is a place where you will receive unlimited motivational support to give you the support system you need to succeed.

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We design workouts individually for you and cater your experience to your needs and goals. Train with a group of like minded individuals and become a part of a community.

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We track your progress from day one and our dedicated coaches give you the highest level of support.


Semi-Private Training is available in blocks of two, three, or four times per week on a month-to-month, contract-free basis. Each person completes their individual program within a small group, under the guidance of our certified personal trainer fairfax. The group starts by warming up together. After joint mobility and a dynamic warm-up, the group breaks up to do customized strength training. The strength training portion of the program can look very different from one member to the next depending on the goal. In the last ten minutes of the session, the group goes through a high intensity “finisher”.

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Small Group Training

Working out with a group is an easy and proven way to keep yourself committed to fitness by being a part of a community. We use MyZone heart rate technology to make sure you’re staying in the proper training zone and making the most out of your time. We know you’re busy and some days you just need to get in, get out, and get on with your day. If that’s you, try out our early morning 35 minute FitCamp where we’ve packed the most bang for your buck exercises into one short heart pounding experience.  All our classes include a mix of cardio, body weight, trx, and kettlebell exercises put together strategically for one purpose. Results..in no time!

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Hybrid Training

With workouts designed specifically for you from our committed coaches, you will never feel lost in the gym ever again. But we want to go further. We want you to never be lost in the kitchen either! We provide meal plans and pro coaching that cater to your specific needs. Your coach will hold you accountable in addition to keeping you motivated. A full experience with your coach ensures you get expert guidance for both your fitness and nutrition needs. We recognize that every client is unique so we take your target workout areas and needs into account when designing your nutrition. Rise Up with us and become a more fit, healthier, and happier version of you.

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